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Client Updates
Irish Holding Companies
Research & Development Tax Credit (R&D)
International Shipping
Tonnage Tax
6.25% Knowledge Development Box
Budget 2016 - Summary
Residency Status for non-EEA Nationals
Claim for Car Expenses & Capital Allowances
What is Capital Gains Tax?
Starting your own business?
Irelandís Special Assignee Relief Program
Corporate Restructuring and Reorganisations
Tax Refunds for PAYE taxpayers
2014 Personal Tax Return
Travel & Subsistence Expenses
Important Tax Dates for 2016
Irish Transfer Pricing Rules
Ireland - a very attractive place for MNCs to locate a holding company
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Intellectual Property
Tax Regime (IP)
Ireland offers tax relief for capital expenditure on a broad range of Intangible Assets
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Branch vs Subsidiary
It is important to consider whether a subsidiary or a branch may be more appropriate
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A 25% tax credit is available for companies involved in R&D activities
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Film & TV Tax Credit
A 32% Tax Credit is available to companies involved in Film & TV production.
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Tax Exemption for Start-up Companies
A 3 year remission from taxation from profits and capital gains was announced in Budget 2009
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Tonnage tax offers shipping cos. an alternative way of taxing profits
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Special Purpose Vehicles
Ireland is a popular location for basing special purpose vehicles for use in financial transactions
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International Tax Treaties
Ireland has signed comprehensive double taxation agreements with 68 countries
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